College football 2019 preview: Clemson, Alabama or the field? – 247Sports

There is a sense of inevitability as the 2019 college football season approaches kickoff. Clemson and Alabama are college football’s consensus top two teams, as has been the case for most of the last four seasons, and a pretty deep gulf separates them and the rest of the pack.

If you’re a fan of the Tigers and Tide, and you wanted to go ahead and book your flight to New Orleans for a little mid-January excursion, we couldn’t really blame you.

But things happen. If you’re looking to other sports for parallels, the Golden State Warriors are the obvious example: Injuries, maybe some complacency, somebody new, fresh and dangerous rises up.

Below, we’re laying out the three possible scenarios for this season: The One With Clemson Repeating, The One Where Alabama Avenges, and The One With Somebody Else.

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