Fire and Fury: Trump says book is ‘a work of fiction’

US President Donald Trump has hit out at a new book which raises questions over his mental health, calling it “a work of fiction”. Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, went on sale early on Friday amid the president lawyers’ attempts to block its publication. Mr Trump was asked for […]

Trump author Michael Wolff: ‘He is like a child’

The author of a controversial book on Donald Trump’s White House has defended his reporting, saying that he stands by everything he wrote and that the president’s staff see him as a “child”. Michael Wolff, who says the book is based on about 200 interviews, was responding to the president’s claims that it was “full […]

Ridley Scott: Kevin Spacey version of film ‘couldn’t have been released’

All the Money in the World has become known as the film Kevin Spacey was in… and then wasn’t in. Spacey had finished shooting his role as John Paul Getty – but then, he was accused of sexual harassment. Just weeks before its release, director Sir Ridley Scott re-shot all of Spacey’s scenes with Christopher […]

China snow: Heavy falls bring chaos and beauty

Heavy snows hits parts of central and eastern China bringing chaotic, if often beautiful, scenes. Authorities issued their second-highest blizzard alert – and there are warnings of more snow to come. China snow: Heavy falls bring chaos and beauty