Is Komodo dragon blood the key to new antibiotics?

Is Komodo dragon blood the key to new antibiotics?

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption The Komodo dragon is the largest living lizard in the world Komodo dragon blood contains an important compound which scientists think could offer a new treatment for infected wounds. The reptile’s saliva harbours many different types of bacteria, which somehow do not affect the dragon. Scientists at George […]

Brain cell therapy ‘promising’ for Parkinson’s disease

Brain cell therapy ‘promising’ for Parkinson’s disease

Image copyright SPL Scientists believe they have found a way to treat and perhaps reverse Parkinson’s disease, by making replacement cells to mend the damaged brain. They say human brain cells can be coaxed to take over the job of the ones that are destroyed in Parkinson’s. Tests in mice with Parkinson-like symptoms showed that […]

‘I could have been paralysed’

An emergency treatment for strokes is being rolled out in England which could decrease the risk of long-term disability. Margaret Kirkland says she could have been paralysed if it wasn’t for the thrombectomy doctors carried out on her. ‘I could have been paralysed’

Huge fire destroys camp housing 1,500 migrants in France

A camp housing 1,500 migrants in northern France has been destroyed in a fire that officials said began during a fight. At least 10 people were injured when the fire tore through closely-packed huts at the Grande-Synthe camp, near the port of Dunkirk. Last month, officials said the camp would be dismantled because of unrest. […]

Malala Yousafzai named youngest UN Messenger of Peace

Pakistani schoolgirl campaigner Malala Yousafzai has been made the youngest ever United Nations Messenger of Peace at a ceremony in New York, USA. The 19-year-old, who is doing her A-levels and has an offer from a top UK university, will take the role with a special focus on girls’ education. In 2012, Malala was attacked […]

Visiting the vaccine-sceptic island where parents skip jabs

Vaccines save millions of lives around the world every year. But there’s alarm from some doctors in the US after suggestions President Trump could commission a new vaccine safety committee. The BBC’s Global Health Correspondent Tulip Mazumdar reports from Vashon Island in Washington state – which has some of the lowest vaccination rates in the […]

‘Syria will implode if Assad goes’, says Peter Ford

Former UK ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, says Syria would “implode” and that there “would be a bloodbath” if President Assad were to go. Speaking to BBC Newsnight‘s Emily Maitlis, Mr Ford said there was no moderate opposition waiting to take over. ‘Syria will implode if Assad goes’, says Peter Ford

Venezuela police clash with anti-government protesters

Monday’s march is the latest in a series of anti-government protests held in Venezuela. The demonstrations were sparked by a controversial decision by the country’s Supreme Court to strip the National Assembly of its legislative powers. The ruling has been overturned since, but the protests have continued. Opposition politician Freddy Guevara called it a “battle […]